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26 April
This is a message to inform that Two left hands on two right arms no longer is going to continue it´s activities. We have been around since 2006 but now it´s time to move on.

Despite that I choose to quit, my love for the netlabel scene is growing, so its feels a bit wistful to decide to sign of. I don't want to leave the scene entirely though and would like be included in other contexts that are less time consuming - maybe from a point of view as a listener or a collector? I you have any suggestions I might be interested!

Finally I want to thank all musicians I had the pleasure to release over the years. Without you my netlabel wouldn't be possible. You deserve all the attention you can get, if you wish to have your relases available elsewhere, you have of course my approval.

All the best!

Markus Ĺberg / Mrcien / tlhotra

22 Mars
New release out with Mexican composer Pam. "Música para sentir que me ama" is a mixed media project consisting of music, lyrics and art.

01 February
A German review on Musique TLR is added to our review section. Another great thing is that dancer and filmmaker Natalie from Washington, USA has used Pitroghucy by Olle Svensk (our fourth release) for a dance piece called Death Posture. Watch it from youtube.

02 January
The new year start not with a bang but a whimper. Or maybe not in a whimper but with an elctronic dub production with Mrcien. An homage to Robert Anton Wilson, also known as R.A.W.

14 December
What happened in the netlabel scene 2008? Well, a lot of god music have been released for sure. For fun we made a list of music that are worth checking out. Read it here (written in Swedish).

09 December
Sit down, make yourself comfortable and relax. Take your time and listen to Adrián Juárez new album "miedo al rio". In short sketches he present different ideas of his audio visions. It's a diverse album full of textures, quickly moving from one idea to another. Reminiscent or maybe best described as a diary of sounds.

27 October
Be prepared people! The 13th November, Adrián Juárez will release a new album on his own netlabel Frigida rec. Here are two video teasers to get you in the right mood!
video one
video two

12 October
Today a new release is out. An EP bridging the gap between Slowdive, Labradford and Dntel. Visit our release section and discover the mesmerizing world of Musique TLR.

08 October
The new episode of Monographic series arrives to feature the work of the Sweden based netlabel Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms.

Passed the 30th release up to date, the netlabel phillosophy emphasizes its DIY infraestructure, and proudly runs with free software and services, and as a consecuence of this free culture statement doesnt want to be considered as an ordinary label. Its curator, Markus Ĺberg (XU & Mrcien), has kindly agreed and contributed with this mesmerizing symphony of sounds.

Listen to the podcast here:

01. Mozcorra - Escurro (tlhotra022)
02. Pam - The forest I lost (tlhotra030)
03. Mrcien - Dandelion trumpet (tlhotra018)
04. clemens hausch - movement 3 / lift (tlhotra008)
05. Roman Slavka - Future Shock (tlhotra011)
06. SSH Visor - Mhats Briddhle (tlhotra016)
07. Hjorten - Not A World Record (tlhotra002)
08. Arete - Refräng (tlhotra002)
09. kanada brothers - 5k2-dub (tlhotra025)
10. XU - In empty rooms (tlhotra001)
11. Karlheinz Essl - Carl Mayer Scenar(t)ist - Berlin (tlhotra023)
12. Demolyne) - Rural Lullaby (tlhotra020)
13. Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea - Mil Pulsos (tlhotra021)
14. Adrián Juárez - testaferro (voice by adrian juarez) (tlhotra029)

15 September
The culture of sharing and remixing is stronger than ever before and begins to affect every aspect of society. As such, a new kind of cooperation between the different parts of a free society is needed. Artists and hackers as well as writers and researchers will come together in order to discuss, debate and evaluate current trends and new ways to protect and develop our freedoms. 

02 September
Today we are proud to present an ep by "Lucida" from England. What to expect is a mix between environmental sounds and acoustic instruments. Or with Richard Harvey's own words:  I'm interested in exploring a mix of music and environmental sounds. Not only for providing some "ambient" context for a piece like so many "campfire tapes" type albums, but to evoke some kind of collective memory.

25 August
New reviews added with Adrián Juárez and Pam. And In a not to distant future we are going to release a four track ep with "Lucida" consisting of a mix between environmental sounds and acoustic instruments.

03 August
Out today is our promised "Kissnmeland ep" by the Mexican artist Pam. It's a remarkable work, like if music had wings and the sounds came direct from the mind of the composer. If you are a fan of intimate field recordings and music that takes you elsewhere, make sure not to miss this pink aromatic release.

23 July
The below problem is now solved. All releases are now available. We also want to inform that our next release is not far away. It's a lovely ep by Pam called Kissmeland. Stay tuned!

26 June
Currently some of our releases are inaccessible. Probably is this only a temporary problem. I've made an error report to Internet archive so they can help me fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience!

25 June
Adrián Juárez return to us, this time with a little help from some friends. The idea or concept of "floreale" is very clear and without compromises: an ep consisting only of voices! After the sessions been recorded, Adrián Juárez studied the result and proceeded by carefully select parts for recycling, multi layering, looping and in other ways processing the audio suitable for his liking. 

06 June
The fourth and final part of the Tid project is now released. Altogether have 18 artist given their individual view on time after approximately a six-month period of planning and composing.

25 May
Our new release is a live session by Roman Slavka and Dem, performed 12/01 2008 in Dniprpopetrovs'k, Ukraine. With a personal approach they create a confrontation of aesthetics. A mutual understanding and a creative cooperation. A soundtrack to a sleep paralysis - deep, dense and metaphoric.

13 May
Next release is now out in our collaboration project. This time with 23 seconds. Expect an experimental, electronic pop journey! Link.

We would also like to inform that because of bad tagging from our part we are slowly going through our archive to make each release look proper. We will now name our individually files like this example: tlhotra001_-_XU_-_05_-_Labyrinths_underground.mp3

03 May
Today we launch a collaboration project with two other Swedish netlabels. We are first out and release our part, a collection of four tracks of textured and eerie ambient and EAM music. Never before has a project like this been done in Sweden and we are very proud to take part in this. For more information, please visit this link.

29 March
New release is up with the high productive Claus Haxholm Jensen from Denmark, under his moniker Kanada brothers.  He have composed an audio experience of processed sine waves for seeking ears and curious minds. Listen and enjoy!

17 March
We are proud to announce that SSH Visor is back with a new release, a detailed and layred work called Molekül. Once again Sinclair is a living proof that contemporary music on the net is alive and in development towards new territories.

03 March
The track "Sondmatad med lögner" by Hjorten (tlhotra006) is going to take part on a promo cd by Klubb lakritz in Norrköping. If you show up on their next event you might get a copy!

02 February
New release out today with Karlheinz Essl, a professor of composition for electro-acoustic and experimental music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

This is what Joel Chadabe wrote about Karlheinz live album
"m@ze°2" from 1999. "Karlheinz Essl performs on a laptop computer that he has transformed into a live electronic musical instrument. The result is exciting and musical. You just won't hear these sounds anywhere else. He performs solo and in duets and trios, responding with sensitivity to fellow musicians, producing fascinating sound transformations, creating spontaneous surprises, and moving quickly from loops to cacophony to tiny clips of vocal sounds to all kinds of textures and ideas. He does all this with his m@ze°2 (Modular Algorithmic Zound Environment) performance software".

19 January
A new year and a new release. This time with Mozcorra, a duo from Mexico who unfolds a child like naive universe. A panorama of self focused thoughtfulness. Hard to define, easy to love. It's a six track EP of minimal improvised key sounds. If you like what you hear you should visit Omar Alejandro's netlabel Ala jazz records to hear more!

31 December
We end this year with a work by Leo Alves Vieira and Pangea, two prolific composers known in different constellations and coherence. Post-sleep paths demonstrate these two composers best sides. This is how experimental music sounds like, and should sounds like, as we step into 2008.

Happy new year everyone! Take care and stay creative!

21 December
Next year will be exciting! Together with other Swedish netlabels we launch a collaboration project where each netlabel will release a small compilation. When all (smaller) compilations have been released the whole project will be released as a big compilation on all netlabels. More on that, as previously stated, to come next year.
Also worth mentioning is that over the past couple of months Internet archive (where we host our music) have come across some problems. We apologies for the inconvenience this has caused our visitors. Still the download counters is not working, but hopefully everything will be back to normal as soon as possible!

01 December
December is here and our twentieth release is out with the Ukrainian act Demolyne) who have composed, with his own words: "4 tracks of various length, but with the common idea to show and reflect my views and imaginations around concrete pictures of nature. "
It's an ambient little pearl, sometimes silent, sometimes violent. At a closer listening you can hear a lot of sound sources are used to make this, his debut EP, a rich and layered work.

10 November
DEAD #339 is for fans of rhythmic noise and harsh industrial acts like 'Terrorfakt', 'Converter' and others on the same vein. Today we release his DEAD EP, a collaboration work with other netlabels who is thinking outside of the box on what a netlabel release is all about.

30 October
New release out with Mrcien, founder of TLHOTRA. Music on "Sometimes when I watch trees sway" is mostly based on field recordings from Gävle and Västerĺs and contain crackles and pops, birds, dandelion trumpets, melodies barely audible, grandfather clock and other personal and nostalgic sounds.

10 October
If you live in Uppsala or nearby, Hjorten, this time under the name Reversed Obesity, is going to perform live in Musikens Hus on the 17th October. The concert start 20:00. Besides Reversed Obesity are two other acts. Purchase ticket (50kr) from: www.ticnet.se 

30 September
Not one, but two new releases! This time with the act SSH Visor, a laptop-based Austrian composer who for both releases uses the same sound material created from a variety of instruments, including guitars, hand percussion, generative or improvised synths and even video game consoles. Though some would approach this work as noise, Christopher thinks of the more abrasive elements in his music in terms of organic and crunchy instead of harsh and mechanical.

09 September
Delicate ambient music with field recordings taken around the city of Detroit. Does it sound like something that could suit your taste? If yes, we suggest you listen to our new release with Monopole.

02 September
If you liked our latest release with Jan-M. Iverssen you might want to check out a video teaser with Iversen & Beatfoundation on the "Střy pĺ landet festival."

17 August
New release is up, this time with Jan-M. Iversen from Norway. On this release he outline a preparation for a live performance for the Střy Pĺ Landet'-festival in Selbu, Norway. It's a long composition of abstract noise and soft ambiance.

04 August
Our second release with Hjorten is now online. On this ep he manipulates the idea behind applause by re-arranging situations we are used to, and finds rhythm where none is expected. The sound sources are treated and forced into doing what he wants, creating an experimental and minimalistic picture by hand.

04 August
If everything is going as schedule Patel pretal is tonight going to perform live in Shanghai. God luck guys! At the 18th of August they perform in Chengdu, and at the 28th of August in Beijing.

24 July
This is a call out for all REMIXERS out there. Adrián Juárez is going to do a remix version on his album Amílcar, released here on tlhotra. If you think you are up for it, choose a track and make contact with him. The deadline for a contribution is at the end of August!

17 July
One of our most successful artist, when it comes to downloads, have participated on a compilation from the label Theremin Noise Club. Clemens Haush, this time under the name Unfinished Business, contributes with a track called: spring fails by means of automated insight. 

17 July
Founder of tlhotra, Markus Ĺberg, have written an article about the Swedish netlabel sceen. Read it here. (Swedish readers only.) 

01 July
For the first time we leave Europe and add to our catalouge a fine work by the productive musician Adrián Juárez from Argentina. If you are an experinced netlabel listener you might have seen or heard him from different labels, getting fine praise regardless what kind of music he practise. This time he creates a collection of ambient/drone pieces of conceptual nature in collaboration with Mexican artist Leopoldo, who for each track made a picture to complement the music.

09 June
New release is up! This time by talanted mister Roman Slavka from Ukraine with the ep: Industry by nature. A work of dark imagery and ambient abstractions.  

24 May
Mrcien has been featured on the compilation See you in sanitarium, from the polish netlabel Kaos ex machina with an exclusively composed track called Tics. He also got played on the re:automation podcast 101, with the track Reading books like a map, from the split release: Mind Matter Norm, released here on tlhotra. 

18 May
Today we Release: Mind Matter Norm, a split release between Mrcien, founder of tlhotra, and Zerofication, founder of Introvert distortion. The theme for this release is mental disorder, or how a norm of behavior, when broken is defined as sickness. The question is; what will happen if the norm becomes narrower or wider and what these changes depends on.
The release is also available from Introvert distortion.  

26 April
Rantala, rantala! is a documentary movie about Finland's past and the director Lotta Notfjälls relatives who lived there. In the movie, with a tranquil and poetic voice, a family's past appears with a dark and beautiful energy. Contributing in the soundtrack are Dense vision shrine and Somnivore, who took part in our dark ambient compilation "We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown". We congratulate to a successful work of art! 

15 April
New web host on 50webs. Update your bookmark!

09 April
A new release is now available with Patel pretal, a collective from east London who previously attracted attention with their live performances with interactive installations. Imagine if György Ligeti lived today and got interested in lo-fi and found art. Then you might get the idea of what to expect from them. We bring you a work of deconstructure and reconstructure!

24 Mars
Creative commons have updated their license, so from now on we will copyright our music with the 3.0 version. We also want to share with you a link to a blog of Arash Moori and his collaborative work with Esther Mańas. (Arash Moori contributed on our dark ambient compilation). The blog contains the result of some videos from their audio visual exhibitions.

15 Mars
Today we release a live recording in three parts, a session performed by Clemens Hausch earlier this year. It's a suggestive display of fine experimental electronic music. Listen, close your eyes and be mesmerized!
25 February
We're back with a new release, this time by the duo and the couple: "Herr Ĺberg och Fröken Ankarborg"

10 February
Those of you familiar with TLHOTRA probably know our web design skills is insufficient. But the current layout we now have is based upon a template by idave. It's simple and straight forward and hopefully you like it!

23 January
An interview with Hjorten has appeared in the free weekly newspaper Uppsalatidningen. We recommend you to read it. Priceless comments by people on the street who listen to his demo Ljudterrorism, says: "How long do I have to listen" "I think these are the worst sounds I've ever heard in my life." "What kind of cheating is this?"

10 January
The re-release of  the compilation "We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown" is now online on Introvert distortion.  A sequel is also in the making, so expect more interesting soundscapes from the Nordic countries!

06 January
We start the new year not with a whimper but with a bang. For people with an appetite for noise we tempt you with "Omringad av mörker" by "Hjorten" who has boiled up a nice stew of loud sounds.

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