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Arete - Broken interface
Date: 19-08-06

Edition: 002

Artist: Arete

Title: Broken interface

Time: 55: 37. min.

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Arete is one alias for the music of Mattias Andersson, focused on noise and broken sounds. "Broken Interface" was the product of exactly what the name implies; a broken preamp is the source of every sound on the album combined with an alesis bitrman and vocals through it.
The bulk of this album was made in a two hour creativity rush where every nook and cranny of this broken interface through the bitrman was explored. The end result is a journey into an alien soundscape ranging from soft ambient to harsch noise.

01. Jaktlandslaget
02. Kritisk massa
03. Uppfall
04. Kseroks
05. Resultatjakt
06. Nattarbete
07. Refraeng
08. propaganda
09. Rocknnoise
10. Den Döde Pratar
11. whirlpools
12. time
13. bitspring.