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Fluyd - Radiowaves
Date: 20-12-06

Edition: 005

Artist: Fluyd

Title: Radiowaves

Time: 35: 51. min.

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Fluyd is one of the two members in XU, a project who explore the possibilities of combinding words and sounds together. They made their debut with an ep titled "Arketyp" released 2005 on the German netlabel Ndorphin. Later that year they released the album: "Singing rust" at the same label. In 2006 the second album "Deconstructure" was released here on TLHOTRA.

Radiowaves is Fluyds debut on his own. It´s a raw old school ambient album of analog sounds and slow textures and it´s deeply inspired by krautrock acts like Neu and early Kraftwerk. Fluyd is also influenced by ambient pioneers like Brian Eno and Harold Budd, as well as the classical minimalist movement.

Fluyd is also interested in poetry and literature and has written a few unpublished poetry books.

01. Radiowaves
02. Radiowaves II
03 Radiowaves III
04 Slow Radiowaves