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Hjorten - Omringad av mörker
Date: 06-01-07

Edition: 006

Artist: Hjorten

Title: Omringad av mörker

Time:  54: 12. min
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"Omringad av mörker" changes between playfulness and aggression. This is a noise work, a duality between pain and joy, and it cuts like a light through darkness and questions established conceptions. Listening to Hjorten is as listening to a timeless force of willpower that never gives up. It is up to you if you want to raise the volume or cover your ears.
The music draws elements from improvisations of different treated sound sources. The result to be heard is sharp, distorted and effective. Also in the mix are more soothing and reduced noises and even some temporary rhythmic and pulsating divisions.

Hjorten comes from Uppsala, Sweden and belongs to a new generation of noise musicians. Previously he has released cd-r records under different aliases, available from his website.

01. Skit under naglarna
02. Synskadad framtidsvision
03. Inteligent nonsens
04. När snön regnar bort
05. Sondmatad med lögner
06. Tandlöst leende
07. Jämlikt usla

One spoon of old
Two spoons of new
One whole chunk of cynicism
A half piece of bitterness

Mix everything together late at night
Serve at proper volume