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clemens hausch - broken
Date: 15-03-07

Edition: 008

Artist: clemens hausch

Title: broken

Time:  37: 54. min
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Clemens Hausch is not just one of many experimental musicians. He knows how he wants his music to sound and knows how to do it. Broken is a live session performed January 2007 by Clemens Hausch at the elektrogönner club in Vienna. The session is divided in three parts. The first part: Movement 1 / static, raises the imagination with a warm droning atmosphere. One of the few actual samples in the session is used here. Listen for the pad sound!
The second part: Movement 2 / moor, distinguishes some very original bell like sounds run through different effects. This is done with frequency divisions of simple saw waves (manually edited into more complex waves during the course of the session) and treated with various effects like filters, resonators, etc...The result is very original, light and airy, and makes you start wonder and discern the uniqueness of Clemens Hauschs niche in music composition.
The third and last part: Movement 3 / lift, combines the two previously parts and builds up to a crescendo. It might be a cliché to say, but in this case it's true: after listening to "broken" you wished you were there! But if you weren't, well... you know what to do!

Clemens Hausch lives in Vienna, Austria and at the moment doing his architectural diploma on (virtual and real) aural space. He is also busy performing live with music and designing interactive installations.

movement 1 / static
movement 2 / moor
movement 3 / lift