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Mrcien & Zerofication
Date: 18-05-07

Edition: 010

Artist: Mrcien & Zerofication

Title: Mind Matter Norm

Time:  36: 50. min
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Cover art, jpeg and pdf


Causes of mental disorders
illness, whom have reach the border, line
of your norm, the norm, our normative schemes
classification schemes for those disorders
the nature of mental illness
and your insanity defense in law,
to be bad
social control
a legitimate function for psychiatry
symptomatic of mental illness or mental disorder
is the breaking of the norm, how are you?
and how you ought to be
conceptual sophistication break down your fundament of idea
or is the very notion of mental illness based on a fundamental mistake?
narrowing the normativity
are you sick?


01. Why doesn't it exist a button I can push when I need to
02. I would like to be a dot in a painting by Miró.
03. Reading books like a map
04. Point out visible insignificant differences in order to enlarge them

05. Void Of sickness

Mind Matter Norm, is a split release between Mrcien, founder of tlhotra, and Zerofication, founder of Introvert distortion. Artwork by Carola Ankarborg.