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Adrián Juárez - Amílcar
Date: 01-07-07

Edition: 012

Adrián Juárez


Time:  47: 03. min
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Amílcar is a collection of ambient/drone pieces of conceptual nature. Each track include an image made by Mexican artist Leopoldo to complement the music. You can see these images by viewing them from the downloaded folder, or on the Windows Media Player while you are playing the tracks. These two art forms together creates blurred audio and visual impressions, enjoyable both to hear and watch.

Adrián Juárez lives in Argentina and operate the netabel Frigida rec. He has several releases behind him on various netlabel such as Far from showbiz, TIBProd, Insubordinations, Biodata etc. Apart from his own work he has done many collaborations with other artists, including stream transmissions for SURradio (Latin America) and Raudio (Holland) and the Colectivo Argentino de Improvisación, in which he has the coordinator and the producer role.


01. vals
02. las leyes del desastre
03. naranja abierta
04. estroncio
05. pájaro jaguar
06. labio maternal
07. una forma de decir otoño
08. gramo
09. cerdo del oleaje
10. llanto a la deriva
11. helicón
12. desintegración gradual de las fuerzas
13. hummel
14. m
15. amílcar