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Jan-M. Iversen - Støy På Landet, Rehearsal.
Date: 18-08-07

Edition: 014

Jan-M. Iversen

Støy På Landet, Rehearsal.

Time:  48: 25. min

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A recorded preparation for the 'Støy På Landet'-festival in Selbu, Norway, 22/23 June '07"

Støy På Landet, Rehearsal.

Jan-M. Iversen, known for his net and record label TiBPprod, have several releases behind him. On this release he outline a preparation for a live performance, a long composition of abstract noise and soft ambiance.

"I Have once read that the surrealism movement tried to establish connections where none before have thought to find them. Listening to "Støy På Landet, Rehearsal." makes me think of that statement once again, but in a another way. This time Jan-M. Iversen destroy connections where everyone takes them for granted. He makes the details important and makes the overlooked and the things forgotten a new and more beautiful significance."
- Markus Åberg

Artwork by Olle Oljud