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Monopole -  complex industrialism militarily
Date: 09-09-07

Edition: 015

Artist: Monopole

complex industrialism militarily

Time:  33: 52. min

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Music is in many ways a time experience. In many cases also a time indication. One use to say listening to a song takes you back in time, or in some cases, to the future. And then of course a musician is also in a creative process. Some prefer to improvise or work impulsive, others make slow decisions and let the music evolve in a mature manner.
With Monopole's long, thirty three minutes track: complex industrialism militarily, you may wonder if it's an album, an ep or a mini album? Does it matter? Within this time frame you would expect a lot of things to happen, or like in ambient music, the music to be hypnotic and ethereal. Monopole fulfil both expectations, but what's unique is how the music travels through different distances. It's like traveling through passages in time and perceptions. Carefully balanced, the listener never gets bored, something happens when you want to and you continue 
curious to listen like a little child wondering what will happen next.

1. complex industrialism militarily