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SSH Visor - Radiant Cilia Sun
Date: 10-09-07

Edition: 016

Artist: SSH Visor 

Radiant Cilia Sun

Time:  48: 25. min

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SSH Visor is the laptop-based creative outlet of Austrian home recording artist Christopher A. Sinclair. On his second album, Radiant Cilia Sun, and as an ongoing theme for his musical activity, he is constantly trying to push his personal creative boundaries and letting all of his musical interests come together to create something new.

For SSH Visor, he draws inspiration from a mix of different genres. He combines the harsh sounds of Japanese noise acts like Merzbow, the tribal rhythms and early studio experiments of krautrock groups like Can or Tangerine Dream, the free-flowing, far-out music of Sun Ra and the walls of warm, organic distortion favored by shoegaze groups like My Bloody Valentine.

Radiant Cilia Sun is almost entirely sample based, using sound material made by C.A. Sinclair himself, created using a variety of instruments, including guitars, hand percussion, generative or improvised synths 
and even video game consoles. Though some would approach this work as noise, he thinks of the more abrasive elements in terms of organic and crunchy instead of harsh and mechanical.

The workflow is overwhelming, no sound is too big or too small to be used. There is something urgent shining through here that glows for the listener with a creative joy and a contagious vitality!

1. Ssskkkyyy
2. 'Dudler
3. Sshnu Osalir
4. Lower Cuzt

5. Mhats Briddhle

Drawings by Stina Karlström, layout by Carola Ankarborg