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Date: 09-11-07

Edition: 019

Artist: DEAD #339 

Title: DEAD EP 

Time: 20: 26. min

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DEAD #339 is industrial machine sounds, horror movie samples, screeches, and gloomy irritating noises composing harmony. From a bleak and disheartening repetitive waltz to a hard-hitting, maddening, momentum track, the music is an emotional outlet. Each track is dismal, downward, and harsh that escorts the listener down a path from which none can truly revisit. The background is cluttered with horror and slowly a new eerie sample is added until the chaos controls all. Please, do not listen to the tracks unaided at night.

Dead #339' is for fans of rhythmic noise and harsh industrial acts like 'Terrorfakt', 'Converter' and others on the same vein.

A few other netlabels is involved in this EP. The idea is to release the same EP on different labels, but make the fourth track exclusive.
If you want to collect this other exclusive tracks you can find them on Dadaist Audio, Chaos records, Noise-Joy, Sociopath recordings, and Far from showbiz.
1. Redeemer
2. Nocturnal B
3. Lithograph M
4. Mokarimakka