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Demolyne) - Natural
Date: 01-12-07

Edition: 020

Artist: Demolyne) 

Title: Natural 

Time: 21: 36. min

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Demolyne) is an experimental ambient project from Ukraine, which was started in 2006. Here we present his debut EP "Natural". The music is based mainly on field-recordings made during a Central European winter travel in three countries – Germany, Poland and Ukraine, but live instruments like harmonica, sopilka (national Ukrainian flute) and guitar were also used.

"Natural" is a huge picture with dark ambient landscapes and voids, sometimes silent, but sometimes violent. That's a dimly shining life from another dimension, advisable to hear in a quiet atmosphere.
1. Rural Lullaby
2. When The Ice Breaks
3. Tundra Ambient
4. Turbid Waves Of Blizzard's Breath
Artwork made by Rodion Miroshnyk