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Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea - Post-Sleep Paths
Date: 31-12-07

Edition: 021

Artist: Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea 

Post-Sleep Paths

Time:  36: 36. min

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Webpage: Leo, Pangea

All Compositions by Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea

Leo Alves Vieira: Clarinet in Bb, Flute, Acoustic Guitar and Electroacoustics

Pangea: Programming, Sampling, Electric Guitar, Percussion and Electroacoustics

Artwork and design: Pedro Pagnuzzi

String Quartet on track 3 composed by Leo Alves Vieira and played by “Quarteto de Cordas da Grota”. Recorded at Tomba Records Studio.

Other acoustic instruments recorded by Olavo Vianna. We can hear on track 2 Paulo Autran reciting a Fernando Pessoa's poem called “Autopsicografia”.There are also extracts from “O Bębado e a Mulher”, composed and recited by Leo Alves Vieira. On track 5 we have Júlia Mendes Selles on voice and violin at the end of it.

“Quarteto de Cordas da Grota” is:

Tiago Cosmo (violin)
Felipe Caldas (violin)
Luiz Ricardo Vidal (viola)
Zé Carlos "Katunga" Vidal (cello)

Special thanks to: Markus Ĺberg and THLOTRA Records crew. Marcos Campello (for entitling the tracks, based on his audition), Paulo Dantas,  Quarteto de Cordas da Grota, Júlia Mendes Selles, Alexandre Caldas, Olavo Vianna, Bruno Marcus & Tomba Records crew, Hudson “Leroy” Barros, Fernando & Menthe de Chat crew.

Mixed and Produced by Pangea

1 – Tuning Leaves (3'04'')
2 – Atmossoa (4'47'')
3 – Sleep Depravation (16'08'')
4 – Noiselips and Becoming (4'04'')
5 – Mil Pulsos (8'33'')