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Mozcorra - Tu Y Yo Y Aquel Dia En El Cual Me Desperte Con Tus Brazos Sobre Mi Y Tus Ojos Bien Abiertos Mirandome Fijamente Y Que Al Otro Dia, Solitario En Mi Cama, Extraņe Tanto
Date: 19-01-08

Edition: 022

Artist: Mozcorra 

 Tu Y Yo...

Time:  16: 19. min

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Mozcorra's ambition is not to make music on an epic scale with big arrangements, orchestral movements and a melting pot of influences. On the contrary. With very small means of key sounds and improvised melodies Tu Y Yo Y... unfolds a child like naive universe. A panorama of self focused thoughtfulness. Hard to define, easy to love.

This is a natural follow up to the album Niņa Cabra. To demonstrate this transition Omar Alejandro holds up his previous record together with a photograph of Mirandolina, the other member of the group. The transition of the records is also evident in differences in technics and sounds. On this ep not only synths are used. Effects and field recordings also take part to vivid and develop the expression but not to become predominant.

Omar Alejandro is an Mexican musician, producer, designer and operate the new and up and coming netlabel Ala Jazz records.

Produced by: Omar Alejandro
Artwork by: Mirandolina

01 - Escurro
02 - 22 De Noviembre
03 - Esperando Por Ti En La Acera
04 - Lubrico
05 - 1 De Diciembre
06 - 23 De Noviembre