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Karlheinz Essl -  SNDT®X
Date: 02-02-08

Edition: 023

Artist: Karlheinz Essl 


137: 37. min.

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Six years after his last CD ©RUDE, Karlheinz Essl has released a new album with electronic music, entitled SNDT®X. As the name already suggests, the music on this release is related to other arts, serving as a comment or a sonic subtext to paintings, movies and performances of artists from other fields. Furthermore, several pieces are dealing with music from various origins, namely psychedelic rock music (a tribute to CAN), advanced classical music (remixing Mozart's Dissonanzenquartett), chants from various religious contexts, or the ringing of a church bell.

Besides exploring the possibilities of free improvisation in his live performances, Karlheinz Essl uses his idiosyncratic electronic instrument m@ze°2 for his compositional work as well. All tracks on this release have been modeled with his algorithmic sound environment and were performed by himself at various occasions through the last years.


01 - Father Earth  
Computer music live performance in reference to CAN
Recorded live at the Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg
Festival CHAIN_REACT_CHAIN_ (27 Apr 2005)  

02 - action rituelle  
Computer music live performance on religious chants
Recorded live at Studio kHz (16 Jan 2006)

03 - Carl Mayer Scenar(t)ist - Berlin  
Soundtrack for a short movie dedicated to Carl Mayer
Produced at Studio kHz (2003)
04 - Balkonszene  
Live soundtrack accompanying an art performance
by Josef Trattner Recorded live at Studio kHz (23 Sep 2005)

Electronic music for a light installation by Martin Kaar
Recorded live at Studio kHz (5 Aug 2002)

06 - Sonnez la cloche!  
Computer music live performance on the sound of a church bell
Recorded live at Studio kHz (16 Jan 2006)

07 - Deconstructing Mozart  
Electronic de/re-construction of Mozart's Dissonanzen-Quartett
Recorded live at the Austrian National Library, Vienna
Portrait Concert Karlheinz Essl (29 Nov 2006)

08 - Nach viermal geht die Sonne auf  
Live-electronic sound track for a multimedia performance
Recorded live during the GLOBArt Academy 2004 at the
Minster of Pernegg (26 Aug 2004)

09 - and thank you...  
Live soundtrack for a performance by Jack Hauser and
Sabina Holzer Recorded live at Studio kHz (1 May 2005)

10 - Rouge de Rouge  
Live soundtrack accompanying an exhibition by Josef Trattner
Recorded live at Studio kHz (9 Dec 2005)

11 - GRIDS   10:31
Soundtrack for an image supplied by the web-label tu'm
Recorded live at Studio kHz (16 Jan 2001)