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kanada brothers -  broken silver
Date: 29-03-08

Edition: 025

Artist: kanada brothers

broken silver

46: 40. min.

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Cover art


It's known that the cardiac center in the brain is responsible for controlling the heart rate. These electrical impulses is what makes the heart beat. I imagine and would like to explain broken silver with a reversible reaction. Electrical impulses from the heart up to the brain. And furthermore how these signals get register with a EKG machine who generate sine waves that looks like arguing lines talking in some kind of secret language. Imagine this and you get an idea how broken silver sounds like.

Kanada brothers is Claus Haxholm, a musician from Denmark. He study on the Royal art academy in Copenhagen. He also makes music under the names: "dead black arms" "Claus Haxholm Jensen" "the doom riot" and "Taiko Oroshi".


01 - 1k2-dub
02 - 2k8 C1+ęC9 xvc

03 - 3-dub

04 - 4mono_bass-c

05 - 5k2-dub

06 - S6k2un+clean version

07 - 7k3

Layout and artwork:
Claus Haxholm Jensen