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Adrián Juárez - Floreale
Date: 25-06-08

Edition: 029

Adrián Juárez 


 15: 29. min.

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Cover art front and back


Adrián Juárez return to us, this time with a little help from some friends. The idea or concept of "floreale" is very clear and without compromises: an ep consisting only of voices! After the sessions been recorded, Adrián Juárez studied the result and proceeded by carefully select parts for recycling, multi layering, looping and in other ways processing the audio suitable for his liking.

Here the primordial and the contemporary blend together in great respect. The result expand the classical and contemporary standards with a modern profound edge.

Adrián Juárez - by now well known in the netlabel scene - have several releases behind him. For more information please visit his homepage.


Adriana Díaz
Adrián Juárez
Yasemin Kardesler
Iván Molinari

01. limpia tu cuaderno (voice by adriana diaz)
02. testaferro (voice by adrian juarez)
03. asaltante veraniego (voice by yasemin kardesler)
04. acuario (voice by ivan molinar)
05. guerra en tres tiempos (voice by yourai)

Artwork by Elsa Mora.