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Pam - Kissmeland ep
Date: 03-08-08

Edition: 030


Kissmeland ep

 19: 24. min.

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Pam have with Kissmeland ep made a kaleidoscope of cinematic compositions. An intimate world of emotions, as if his music were letters written only to you. It's an ep full of emotive transmissions, gentle and at the same time beautiful and essential. Listen close, lay down in the grass and gaze at the clouds passing by. Do you see the shapes of skipping lambs, farms and fields and days passing by?

Pam is Franco Estrada Sandoval from Mexico. Kissmeland ep is made in a rapid speed, since it's the way he prefer to work. Though he have been making music for a couple of years now, Kissmeland ep is his debut under this moniker.

"This is a remarkable work, like if the music had wings and the sounds came direct from the mind of the composer". Katrin Sagami
01. The forest I lost
02. In the sky, a star
03. Playing, dreaming, going mad
04. The end of everything I love

Cover by Pablo Dwigth