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Musique TLR - #1
Date: 12-10-08

Edition: 032

Musique TLR


 13: 19. min.

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In search of a sound between shoegaze, lo-fi and electronics, this is the music of a voice finding itself. Handcrafted with a passionate feel, topped with down to earth, unstrained vocals. The first track sets the standard and from there to the last seconds you are disarmed. Take it to your heart and carry it with you.

Fresh and vital, with a strong sense of direction, bridging the gap between Slowdive, Labradford and Dntel.

Musique TLR is Peter Tollmar, a high school teacher in Haninge. Resident in Stockholm, Sweden.

"I started producing music under the name of Musique TLR in my bedroom in Stockholm in 2003, working with various string instruments (guitars, dulcimer, banjo), melodica, accordion, software synthesizers, samples, tape echo and vocals. I am trying to create a kind of mix between the precision, lifelessness and repetition of the digital sounds and the errors, scratches and disturbance that comes from using amps, guitars and tape echoes from the early 1960's." - Peter

Music written, performed and produced by Peter Tollmar. Recorded in Stockholm and New York 2003-2008.

This release is also available in a beautiful hand-printed, hand-glued, home-burned disc. Contact Peter for more information.

By request this EP is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

1. So you turned away
2. Night music
3. That old sweet something
4. With the stars

Cover artwork by Karl Fredrik Johnfors