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Pam - Música para sentir que me ama
Date: 22-03-09

Edition: 035


Música para sentir que me ama

13: 00. min.

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Pam's new release "Música para sentir que me ama" is a mixed media project consisting of music, lyrics and art. The Music is a continuation of Pam's naive and bright individual touch. Recognizable in his use of simplicity and tender melodies.

Lyrics are written to compliment the music, and is written by Markus Åberg and Pam through a mail correspondence. The texts is written with the music in focus to bring forth an interpretation of the music's substance. Available to read both in English and Spanish.

Lastly have illustrator and designer Pablo Dwight made seven pictures and the cover work. Different art techniques have been used to complete the pictures. All images are available in Jpeg-format if you download the whole release.  


01. El último instante de un sueño, en el que casi te besé
02. Mediodía
03. Estoy acostumbrado a despertar en la lluvia
04. Y me lo dices ahora
05. Lágrima
06. Girasol
07. Salvaste mi vida, hermosa Pamela