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Musique TLR - #1

Ein wunderbares Stück Musik, auf welches ich durch den Podcast der Machtdose aufmerksam wurde, möchte ich hier dem geneigten Hörer ans Herz bzw. Ohr legen.
Hinter Musique TLR verbirgt sich der Schwede Peter Tollmar, welcher es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, die Perfektion elektronischer Klänge mit den kratzigen und manchmal fehlerbehafteten der akustischen Instrumente zu verbinden. Herausgekommen ist sein Debut, welchem er den einfachen Titel “#1” gegeben hat. Wunderbar verspielte, melodische Musik. Empfehlung!

- Netzfräse

Jan-M Iversen - Støy På Landet, Rehearsal

“Støy På Landet, Rehearsal” is a near fifty-minute opus from Jan-M. Iversen, who heads the record and web label, TiBPprod, hailing from Norway prepared for the aforementioned festival in Selbu in June of 2007.

It unfurls with a bubbling and frequency shifts across diluted drones, metered by subliminal and solitary bass notes. Noise is scratched upon the surface and the bubbles are lanced, but the noise is no swarm of flies or compressed and looped grinders, subtle are the weird displacements of stereophonic sound. In the span of three minutes Jan-M. Iversen presents a piece that is palpably meant for exhibition, every sound a stream of consonants in elucidation of language.

It swells and lulls, with the quality of crescendo and decrescendo skilfully captured, one that might well have lost much of its fidelity if merely captured live and presented as such; that has its own place in being there for the effect. Digital fragmentation and electronic synthesizers propel the work that entwines the speakers in dreamy opacity, progressing from one amalgamation of overlaid sound to the next. At times it is a digital ocean, liquidity buoying the listener and at others it is frosted radio-waves, operatic voice is buttressed against rasping noise, but it is not a chaos that repels, warm and brown, even near the finale as it saws like a guitar left against a speaker for far too long feeding on its own stomp-pedal of fuzz.

It finishes in soft shades of Oriental cadence, echoed and quiet... drifting into evanescence.

Spartan design and packaging, with an inkjet print full-colour fold-up cover (guillotined down from A4), replete with intentional fold-marks and lines overlaying a simple photograph of the side of some warehouse and industrial door stamped with graffiti. The CDr is printed with ghosted title and artist.

- symbolique
Heathen Harvest

Pam - Kissmeland ep

 This ep from an artist caled PAM is really nice, i mean if you like to hear childish / naive music, this album is for you. This ep has been released on tlhotra netlabel, but is more dreamy and soft than the others releases of the label.

- yamanotedreams

Adrián Juárez - Floreale 

Les machines, toujours les machines… pourquoi ne pas donne un peu plus de place à la voix ? c’est peut-être ce qu’a du se dire Adrián Juárez au moment de composer ce étonnant et court EP intitulé "Floreale".
Entouré de quelques amis (masculins et féminins), il donne vie à un album 100% vocal où les voix se rencontrent, se chevauchent, se superposent, se parlent et se répondent grâce au mixage et au découpage effectué par Adrián Juárez après l’enregistrement.
Au final, ce EP se révèle être un joli exercice de style, très intéressant, pas forcément évident mais qui donne quelque chose de très beau, de très pur. A découvrir par curiosité.

- Netlabels Revue

Karlheinz Essl - SNDT®X

Karlheinz Essl’s free online album SNDT®X is one of the more exciting releases in the electronic/electro-acoustic field that I’ve heard in a long time. Surprisingly easy to listen to yet avant-garde, it is a primer on experimental electronic music complete with drones, found sounds, sampling and much more. The title alludes to the cinematic texture of this sound art. Most of these tracks were created to accompany a film, performance, or art piece.

The opening track, “Father Earth” is a pulsing mix of guitar and electronics reminding me of a subway or train station. I am also reminded of Glenn Branca’s minimalist walls of guitars at some points. The 13 minute “Action Rituale” combines computers and religious chants into an intensely spiritual experience. As mentioned before, some works such as “Carl Mayer Scenar(t)ist” and “Balkonszene” are soundtracks meant for films or art performances. While most of these pieces are droning or minimalist, “PENDENTE” stands out for its melodic beauty. “Sonnez la Clochil” is based on the sound of a bell while “Decontructing Mozart” does exactly that, pulling apart the composer’s music into a post-modern nightmare. The tracks go on, each one giving new insighst to the state of organized sound. This is an excellent example of the experimental and avant-garde and much more accessible than the novice might think at first listen. Give it a few tries. It will grow on you.

- Marvin
Free Albums Galore 

Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea - Post -Sleep Paths

Fine places to send my ears and mind

This work takes control in a subtle manner. Things emerge and take hold, usually in a musical manner and just as comfort sets in there's been an unexpected shift of focus, style or mode. What's interesting is how subtle the changes of mood and manner settle in. The range of musical expression and the gentle experimental touches are neither too conventional nor excessively unapproachable.
I'm glad I spent time letting this work take over my world.

Internet archive

Demolyne) - Natural

I’ve been looking for some new non-dark ambient for a while and this one kind of fell right into my lap so I figured ‘what the hell, I might as well check it out’. It’s a brief offering at only four tracks, and so I will go over each of them:

Rural Lullaby:

It begins like generic non-dark ambient: a decent, albeit generic, fuzzy atmosphere (like looking at an old fading picture) coupled some field samples of a flute. It doesn’t blow my mind, but it’s not that bad. It purveys a pretty solid representation of what I would imagine sitting in a lonely field in the middle of Europe feels like. The track stays pretty much the same for the first two minutes and then it introduces some kind of random glitchy sounds that follows no discernable pattern. At first it almost sounds like something out of a Squarepusher or Aphex Twin track, except that instead of continuing, Demolyne) just repeats the same 3 second glitch part over and over for most of the rest of the track. It is totally without beat or time and it gets very annoying. It’s much louder than the ambience, so when it first kicks in it feels extremely abrasive. I feel like this could’ve been a good idea if it had been executed in an IDM-style manner and merged more with the rest of the track. Had he taken the glitches somewhere instead of just throwing them on top of his atmosphere haphazardly and hoping they will blend together on their own it could’ve worked…maybe. Towards the end of the track some nice samples of talking come in and add to the atmosphere, but that glitchy shit continues to grind on and get in the way of what could’ve been half pleasant ambient.

When The Ice Breaks:

11 seconds of a beep and some decaying static….pointless any way you skew it.

Tundra Ambient:

This track is completely different from the first part of the album and ventures into drone territory. No more flute and no more glitch, thank god. This is actually a solid drone track. It builds up to just the right spot and then plateaus to provide a nice meditative ambiance. It reminds me a good deal of the Biosphere album Substrata; very empty and subtly arctic. While Tundra Ambient (a fitting name) isn’t going to blow your mind, it does provide a good background for other means of mental expansion. The only major downside is that towards the end he throws in a sample of a guitar which neither fits the atmosphere nor furthers the flow of the song. The quality of the guitar sample is poor and more than anything else it just inhibits the momentum of the track.

Turbid Waves of Blizzard’s Breath:

This one is probably my favorite on the album. Once again I am reminded very much of Biosphere. Demolyne) succeeds in creating solid minimalist yet atmospheric droning arctic ambient. It’s a bit boring, yes, but the pads have a very pleasant rolling static-y texture to them which I cannot deny enjoying. This track brings to life an ice-encased void. The song doesn’t change much one it gets into its full swing (about two minutes in), but nonetheless this is a very good meditative piece and since the album is free for download I would definitely suggest checking this one out if you’re a fan of this style. Oh but some words of caution: try to remember to skip the track once it gets to about nine and a half minutes. At this point some very badly sampled bells marinated in muddy reverb come in and it’s really just fucking annoying. But it’s great pre-9:30.

Overall, the Natural EP was hardly mind-blowing or earth-shattering. Apparently this is Demolyne)’s debut, which isn’t surprising. He shows a proclivity when it comes to droning atmospheres, although his work doesn’t exactly stand apart from the other drone artists out there. If he continues, I hope that he focuses more on the drone side of ambient, but works on incorporating some kind of progression(s) into the songs. I sincerely enjoyed most of the later two tracks and if you’re into drone ambient then I would highly recommend checking out the last two tracks and then waiting for something more mature from Demolyne).

-[.d4n b4rr3tt.]
Wounds of the earth

Two left hands on two right arms ist einfach ein symphatischer Name für ein Label. Die neue EP von Demolyne) (sic.) ist definitiv das beste Ambient Release dieses Wochenende (und ihr wisst ja, Wochenends gibts davon immer bergeweise).


Adrián Juárez - Amílcar

I'm writing this as I listen to it. The accompanying blurred visuals which show up automatically when you watch this in Windows Media Player are quite the icing on the cake. The music so far is drone music... and so it continues many songs later. A bit of melody in the ambience on "Cerdo del oleaje" but for the most part very non- directional music.


-Terrence Brannon
Ambient Usenet group on Google

Mrcien & Zerofication - Mind Matter Norm

The Norm Widened

Beautiful, dark and brooding, but also hopeful and uplifting, just like the ups and downs of the album's subject: your own mind compared to everyone else's. This is exactly how you want music to sound towards the end of the first decade of the millenium.

Internet archive

Patel pretal - Patel pretal

Patel pretal is an English from London making experimental music (and working with interactive according to the tlhotra webpage). And I can imagine this form of music working really well live, so I’d advise anyone in vicinity of one of their tours to go see them.

As for this release, the two songs are generally a blend of ethereal ambient and noise. The main piece is the almost 22 minutes long “Mathematics“, which is a quite fine piece of music. It’s noisy (not harsch, but lots of white noise and disturbances) and it’s quite beautiful in it’s well-balanced progression. Starting off with just a lone female voice droning, it slowly builds up with more and more sounds and effects, feedback loops and white noise, until it finally dismembers into a lone filtered noise loop winding down. The track has an eerie feel to it, the droning voice almost creating a meditative mood. Soothing yet slightly disturbing would be the best description I can find.

Unfortunatel, the second track, Ippolit, doesn’t quite do it for me in the same way. It sounds a lot like it’s a bad recording from the past Soviet Union. I can see what Patel pretal were trying to do here, but it falls short of being interesting for me as there’s not really anything going on in the track. It feels more like an interlude or an intro for a concert or a full length album than an interesting track in itself.

If you’re interested in experimental/artistic music, I would recommend the first track “Mathematics” straight on. It’s the main part of the release and is well worht a listen.

Swedish netlabel news

clemens hauch - broken

and before you now..............infinite plateaus

Sometimes I feel this aggregate of musics are describing the end game, and in my opinion...with absolute beauty. I love the stumbling March in Movement 2,also the wild micro tonality before the crescendo yielding a key tied to an iron gate,in a breeze. This artist has crafted extremely rewarding scape's for involved listeners.

Internet archive

This is a beautiful live set. The textures and drones that constitute these three tracks fall in line as nothing short of an elegant listening experience. Wish I could have been there..

-Christopher McFall

Herr Åberg och Fröken Ankarborg - Jag rör mig obehindrat nu

Schwedische Poesie Grundkurs

Schon der Titel dieses Schwedischen Releases auf dem Label Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms war einfach zu verlockend. Und dann die Vocals. Verdammt. Little Fluffy Cloud is nichts dagegen.


Hjorten - Omringad av mörker.

It's in the noise music's nature to be associated with the extreme: that which starts when musics own language breaks down, implodes, and a wordless state, which many would call noise, starts.

In the e-mail with the review description of the local Uppsala noise musician Hjorten's new album, the editor Hannes calls the music "completely, hopelessly non-commercial noise scrap", and that's exactly what this is about.

Experimental sound terrorism, to use Hjorten's own words.

The opening track, "Skit under naglarna", is a rather boring and monotone pulsating with low frequencies that is randomly beset by an electronic crackling that evolves into a ear numbing beep after three and a half minutes, until thirty seconds remain and the music dies out followed by fifteen seconds of rest.

The first real exciting things happen at 5.44 into the second track, "Synskadad framtidsvision", when the alarm goes off, followed by short analog howlings as different types of rusty engines trash the sound image into a meaty factory swarm accompanied by something that sounds like a giant gong.

Then and there it's really powerful.

The problem is that I don't really know why it's so powerful. I have a hard time judging Hjorten by any strict assumptions of quality, even if it feels poor that a number of tracks follow the same pattern of a monotone background that is then are decorated with atonal sound scrap from other frequency ranges with random intervals.

For that reason, I like the track "Intelligent nonsens" the best. Instead of beginning with a massive sound layer, it bangs a couple of metallic beats and then turns on a muffled transistor radio on something that sounds like a Russian pirated radio channel.

All too often, I wish that the music be provided with proper body music drums and become a dancefloor hit in the passages. But it's of course doomed from start. "Omringad av mörker" is a title that says exactly everything about the music.

-Björn Berglund

Olle Svensk - Pitroghucy

real dark, real long!
a very spooky piece!

Internet archive

Exploración entre atmósferas oscuras y lineales, con una calma apenas alterada (y en todo caso de manera sutil) a lo largo de la hora que dura el tema.

En cette période assez calme, voici une une nouvelle prod sur le netlabel Two left hands on two right arms : Olle Svensk - Pitroghucy. Entre dark-ambient et soundscape, cette sympathique petite release se laisse volontier écouter.

Некий Markus Aberg, решившийся анонсировать данный релиз на сайте TLHOTRA, начинает свое ревю следующими словами: «Early in the mornings when I'm walking to work I use to listen to music in my mp3 player. One morning when I listened to Pitroghucy by Olle Svensk, something unusual happened. I walked the wrong way!» И немудрено. Прослушивать музыку Olle Svensk (он же Funkis/Anulaibar) следует с некоторыми предосторожностями – существуют большие шансы впасть в глубокий транс, заехать по бессознанке в глухую промзону и надолго потеряться там среди гулких дебаркадеров и заброшенных цехов. Шестидесятиминутная запись, сделанная Olle Svensk в недрах какого-то промышленного гетто, похожа на монотонную индустриальную кому. И если бы не уникальная в своем роде трехмерная тоннельная акустика, позволяющая мысленно организовать звуковое пространство альбома, слушать оный было бы совсем тяжко.
Звучание Pitroghucy наполовину состоит из равномерного гула, производимого естественно возникающими воздушными потоками, насквозь пронизывающими всё и вся. Вторая же половина приходится на позвякиванья металлических предметов - судя по всему труб различного диаметра, глухих стонов электропоездов (вроде бы) и прочих плохо поддающихся идентификации и спорадически возникающих механических звуков. По атмосфере альбом Olle Svensk напомнил мне последнюю работу Where – Wererat, но еще более пугающую, в особености своей онтологической механоморфной бездушностью.

- Radiodrone

V.A. - We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown

We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown is not only a whole mouthful, it's also a very nice, not to mention free, dark ambient sampler from the Nordic countries. It's released in high quality MP3 by netlabel Two Left Hands On Two Right Arms from Sweden.

Finnish project Somnivore opens up with an interesting track based on dominating bell melodies, percussion and background synth waves, which is representative of a lighter, more concrete style of ambient. The Funkis/Anulaibar (Sweden) track "Pencumbeliig" is a long one that consists of extremely obscure and submerged sounding dark ambiences. Many gritty sounds and deep voids to sink into, slightly reminiscent of Norway's Svartsinn, especially from the Of Darkness and Re-creation era. "K" by CTACIK, also from Sweden, starts out softly, but after a few minutes an ominous, deep horn begins to sound through the aural mists, which is later swapped for a didgeridoo-like drone. Further on, the song evolves even more, with manipulated voices and effects, keeping the track interesting for the full fifteen minutes. Krishve hails from Denmark, and "Ol' Nick" is a pretty disturbing burst of distored vocals and effects. Short but scary. Midikill is a Danish/Norwegian cooperation, and "Firefly" is a live track, with many different sounds fading in and out of the musical tapestry. Somehow, it isn't very catchy or interesting, however. Dense Vision Shrine is a project of Norwegian Karsten Hamre, and his "Ego universe" is a conventional, but good dark ambient track with waves of synth drone and vague rhythmic samples. Aural whiteout is a Norwegian black ambient project, based on heavily modified electric guitar, and thus unrecognisable as such. "Visual blackout" is a short but interesting, very bleak track. The compilation is ended by Finnish project Arash Moori and its slightly freaky "Magpie On The Gallows", which is based upon many delicate samples of tones, hisses, field recordings and other things. Halfway, the song changes into a more conventional combination of synth melody and rhythm, which brings us back to the style of the very first track on this album.

Though lacking a bit of coherence in the thematics or general atmosphere, this compilation contains enough interesting material for ambient music fans of any kind. Especially considering this is a freely shared release, I'd advise all adepts of electronic music to go out and download this. You can reach the download page via the label website.

Evening of light - platform for dark experimental music and alternetice cukture